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We try and cater for most Retail and Restaurant environments with our awesome features. These features help streamline the way you do business to make sales effortless.

Point of Sale


Retail Features

Set Up Quick Sales Keys

Set Up shortcut buttons for popular product or product departments, improving the speed of sales.


Assign and manage user permission. Permissions range from being able to Void and Refund to Discount and Price Overriding.

Price Enquiry

Quickly find and check a item price without having to ring it up just to void it again.


Rule out human error and improve time taken to process sales and counting stock. Generate your own barcodes

Customize Receipts

Add your Logo and custom messages to receipts for a personalized professional feel.


Set up and schedule specials to run automatically. Entice customers to buy more...who doesn't love a great Specials

Hospitality Features

Online Orders

Why have your customer queue up and wait for their food. They can now placed orders online. Orders are then viewed on the point of sale to process.

Cooking Messages

Like your steak Rare, Medium or Well Done...what about your guests ? You can set up cooking messages that prompts when waiters select certain menu items.

Orders to Kitchen

No need for waiters to run around, trying to get orders to the kitchen in time.With a kitchen printer in place orders are sent to the kitchen as they are placed!

Split Tender

Provide customers the option to split the way they pay for goods. From cash to card, account and more.

Counter Sales

Easily switch between table and counter sales, no need to put one off to user the other.

Split Bill

No more dreading guests asking to split the bill. Our Split Bill feature makes it super easy to divide orders and get it paid.​

Back Office


Simplified Management

Stuck at the office or on the move you don’t have to miss a beat of your business.

Simplistic Powerful Reports

Over the last 20 years we have listen to our customers and have build up a range of straightforward reports. Some of these reports are : Best Seller report, Slow Mover, Invoices, Customer Sales, Daily Turnover and Audit reports.

Stock Control

Create unlimited stock items with multiple prices. Cost prices are calculate automatically and selling prices can be set by desired Markup or GP.Categorise stock in departments to enhance stock management and sales reports. Do spot checks on stock or full blown counts simply and accurately. Set Min and Max stock levels and make sure you are always stocked up.

Customer Accounts

Provide customers an account payment option where you set the terms for example Weekly or 30 Days. Set account discounts and interest per customer. Send out out monthly statements in one go and remind customer of payments due with a text message.

more features...

Online Store ( E-Commerce )

Manage online store items directly from the back office. Items can be sent to the online store by simply ticking a box. We also have a built in image compressor to maximize image quality and minimize file size

Refer Products

Our refer stock item property allows you to receive stock in a certain pack size and distribute it to other pack options of the same stock item. This works great in Bar’s where cases of beer are distributed to single beers. Hardware / Workshops shops where boxes of nuts, bolts etc are distributed to single quantities.


Create and link unlimited suppliers to stock items with supplier specific stock codes. Compare and negotiate set prices per supplier. Automatically filter out selected supplier stock as goods are ordered. Review supplier price changes with supplier reports.

Bump Bar

Streamline order management in the kitchen with bump screens. Have orders follow a workflow with added prep times as a guide. View orders stats in a quick switch to a dashboard view.


Stay on top of every ingredient used in recipes with our recipe builder. Build recipes like a beef burger and view the movement and cost of each ingredient with our stock movement report.

Uncluttered Dashboards

View sales analytics on easy to read dashboards. Top 10 Items, Best Performing Departments, Transactional Stats, Clerk Performance and more.

Add Fingertip Management

With our powerful Dashboard app sales stats are at your finger tips where ever you are. See info like best performing products and daily turnover to name a few.

Create and Edit Stock

No more delays until your back at the office. Add stock and manage prices on the go.

Summary and Supervisor Reports

To busy to spend hours at the Office. Now you can check in on Sales and Staff with our great summary reports.

Stock Take

Use your phone to count stock quickly and effectively. No need for an expensive Stock Scanner.

Label Reprints

Scan labels from shelves or products to reprint when prices are updated.

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