Online backoffice printing utility

Odyssey printing utility allows you to print invoices and receipts from your cloud backoffice to your printers directly.

Step 1 – Download the odyssey printing utility application.

Step 2 – Extract the downloaded folder and copy it into a preferred location.

Step 3 – Double click theĀ Online backoffice printing.exe and run the application.

Step 4 – When the application opens for the first time you are presented with the login screen.

Login with the same username and password you use to log into the online backoffice.

If you successfully logged in you are presented with the printing job timer screen. The application will try and print new jobs every 10 seconds. 

Step 5 – Click the printer setup button and select the printers you would like to use to print slips and A4 reports and click save to save the changes.

Step 6 – Close the application and select the minimize button to run the application in the background of your computer. This also adds the application to your computer startup (The application will automatically start when you switch on your computer.)

Step 7 – Log into Odyssey online backoffice and navigate to the system setting (gear icon) in the top right corner.

Step 8 – Navigate to the General>Printing tab. In the printing tab, scroll down to the Enable external printing application setting and enable the setting.

You have now successfully setup the printing utility and will now have the option to print to the utility when printing invoices and receipts.