Setting up android POS

Download Odyssey point of sale application from the google play store.

After downloading and installing the application you will be presented with the login screen. Type in your email and password you use to sign in to your back-office.

NOTE: If you have multiple store setups, you will be presented with a list of all your stores. Select the store you wish to sign in to.

After clicking the Log in button a sync screen appears and the first time sync starts. This might take several minutes depending on the amount of data that needs to be synced. When your device is done syncing you will be presented with the clerk login screen. This is a 4 digit pin your staff will use to sign in to the point of sale so we know who is working on the device. You can set up multiple permissions per clerk to control what your staff can and cannot do. 

Type in your pin and tap the log-in button. NOTE – you will be automatically logged in if you have a 4 digit pin. After logging in you will be presented with the point of sale screen.

The point of sale screen consists of 3 sections.

Left section – The left/slip section of the POS screen is where products are displayed that are currently on the slip.

Middle section – The middle section of the POS screen is your category/departments are displayed. 

Right section – The right section is where your quick keys and products are displayed.