Getting started invoicing point of sale

To open the invoicing module log into your Odyssey back office. In the main menu navigate to the Sales > invoicing POS and you are presented with the invoicing pos screen.

First things first we need to add products to the invoice. Click on search product and select the products you want on the invoice. Secondly, we need to select a customer to assign the invoice to (Note – selecting a customer is optional). The invoice can now be finalized or saved. To save an invoice click on the ‘Save sale’ button. To retrieve a ‘saved sale’ click on ‘View saved sale’ and select the sale you wish to retrieve.

Print proforma invoice РYou can send a client a proforma invoice before finalizing the sale.

Void sale – Delete saved sale.

Price type dropdown – In the top right side of the invoicing screen a dropdown with your default price type is displayed. You can switch between price types when invoicing customers. Note – you can assign a price type to a customer. When selecting a customer Odyssey will automatically select the customer’s price type.