Creating a refer product

To create a refer product log into your Odyssey back office. In the main menu navigate to the products > products and you are presented with the products list screen.

To create a new product click create in the top left corner. A create product popup window appears. In this example we are going to create craft beer as a refer code product.

Complete the product description and product code and click create. Note when creating a refer code it is ideal to enter the first 3 characters of the product description. This helps to understand the refer SKU better when searching the products.

After creating the product you are presented with the edit product screen.

Scroll down to the product price section and fill in your cost and selling price.

Scroll down to the product type section and select the Refer product check box and click Setup Refer.

You are presented with the setup refer screen.

You have the option to choose between 2 refer methods.

Normal refers – Select normal refer if you order your beer in cases. For example, when you sell a six-pack beer, Odyssey will automatically break up the case into 4 six-packs.

Subtract pack – Select subtract pack if you order your stock in singles. For example, when you sell a six-pack beer, Odyssey will automatically deduct the 6 beers from your single beer.

After selecting your refer method click on the refer code wizard button.

On the refer code wizard screen select the number of refers. In this example, we are going to select 3.

When creating beer the most common pack size is:

1. Single beer – pack size 1.

2. Six-pack beer – pack size 6.

3. Case of beer – pack size 24.

In the refer wizard complete the pack size, pack description, and pricing.

After completing the pricing click create. Odyssey will automatically link your refer products. Your refer product was created successfully and you can now start ordering and selling this products.